Handbook (Experts) The Complete Onboarding Guide!

Expert Handbook 2020

Hello and welcome to your friendly guide on how to be a stellar expert on the 6ya platform! 

(We will keep this page updated on things you need to know, so bookmark this for later! Feel free to scroll through all our articles in the Help Center, or get what you need to be successful in one go here!)

“So…. What is being an Expert at 6ya all about?”

The purpose of 6ya is to provide quick and immediate Expert advice.

Your goal is to assess the problem and guide the caller on the best next steps to take. Always do your best to find a solution and don’t be afraid to use a search engine to do any research you may need to solve a problem or give the best advice for next steps. 

Not all problems can be solved or diagnosed remotely. If at any point you feel an issue isn’t a fit for 6ya, please let the caller know right away.

After that, the first and most important thing to know about being an Expert on 6ya is that this is a customer service role more than anything else. So,  Empathy is everything! 

When our customers call they may be really upset and confused, so the best thing you can do for them is listen, validate their experience, and tell them you are going to help them to the best of your ability. 


Tone and customer service skills are vital to being successful in this role. 

Here are some great validating statements to use:

  1. “Wow, that sounds so frustrating! I am so sorry you are in this situation and it makes sense why you are su frustrated. Let’s see what we can figure out. We will get you out of this!”
  2. “Unfortunately that is a super common issue and it’s just not right. That’s why 6ya is here, so we can fill in the support gap. The big tech companies do not have live support for their customers, so that is why we are here to help!”
  3. “You won’t have to deal with this alone. I will help you and support you through this and if I can’t find the right solution we can get you on a call with another Expert.” 


“So… What are the calls really like?”


It’s really important to know what the experience of the customer is. 

6ya customers pay for a monthly or yearly membership. They can call us as many times as they need with one or several technical issues, so if you can’t answer a question, have them call us back and get connected to another Expert! 


When a customer calls they are expecting:

  • Friendly, respectful, and helpful demeanor
  • Questions answered
  • Quick solutions

Though customers may have a variety of expectations, the above is standard. 

How to drive the call: 

  1. Standard Greeting: “Hello, this is ____, I am an Expert with 6ya, how can I help?”
  2. Listen to the customers issue
  3. Ask clarifying questions to get to the core and fully understand
  4. Offer relief through suggestions. knowledge, recommendations, and emotional support

Most calls will last between 6-15 minutes; however, some calls may require 10 minutes of patient listening and clarifying questions to figure out what the issue actually is! So, please be prepared with patience and an energy of confidence for a variety of challenges.


Pay per call

You will earn $3 for service calls that are over 1 minute and $5 for calls that are over 10 minutes.

>1 = $3

>10 = $5 

Expert earnings are paid out twice per month: on the 1st and on the 16th.
*Please note that calls under a minute will not pay out any earnings


Picking up calls

It’s really important to pick up any calls that come in when you are off “do not disturb” (*make sure you save the 6ya customer number). This is important because we promise our customers immediate help. So, a missed call is a poor experience and a potential lost customer. Missed calls can also hurt your reputation and earning potential. 

Every once in a while you will answer a call and it may not connect. Make sure you report any technical issues to our team so we can troubleshoot with you or send feedback to our tech team. 


"...What if the call is going too long?" 

If the call is going too long, you can offer some actionable steps and a callback! After you end the call, text the customer some recommendations and a link to your call back number. This is a great way to maximize your time and allow space to take more calls while your customer walks through your recommendations on their own.


Making the Most of your Experience: How to Succeed as an Expert

Time is important to all of us, so we want to help you maximize your time, earning potential, and help you fit the most calls you can into your schedule. 

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Pick up double-pay calls - when a customer calls and their call goes unanswered by their expert, we may route the call to you. If the call is routed to you then you may have the option of accepting it when your are on Do not Disturb for a higher payout. So, accepting this call will lead to you getting more $$$ for less time.
  • Take advantage of our bonuses! - we have ongoing bonuses for experts that excel on the platform. You can see the current list of bonuses here [EXPERT BONUS LIST]
  • A super practical tip is, make time to take quick and back to back calls. The longer you are available, the more calls you can get. 
  •  It’s important to keep the customer on point: drive the call. Don’t let them ramble and don’t be afraid to cut in. Stop them in their tracks and lead them with the right questions. Ask them to dummy it down and get very precise so you can address the core issue. Some people will tell you your life story... but make sure you solve the problem first.
  • Do everything you can to help the customer.
  • Even If you can’t personally process their refund from netflix, you can help them learn how to do it: “I can walk you through what I have done to get a refund”
    ...this will give you good reviews and will end up routing MORE calls to you (which means more money)! 

The following tips come directly from our best and highest earning experts (so I am sure they will serve you well):


  • “Always take time to comfort the customer - lighten the mood, make them laugh, make them smile.” 
  • “Sometimes it’s elderly calling and you know they don’t have anybody to help. So, I’ll sit there and talk to them for a bit. That’s sometimes what they need more than anything and I feel fulfilled knowing that I took care of them on a human level.”
  • “Make a google doc with templates for every call type you get. It will save you time in replying and texting solutions to our customers”

How to Avoid Negative Reviews

  1. “ARE YOU APPLE!?” - Sometimes you will get confused callers that think we are another company. Use your empathy and explain you will do your best to guide and help them with whatever it is they need. Most of the time what a caller needs most is to feel like someone is there to help them! So, if you do that they will be happy at the end of the call.

Sometimes you will get calls outside of your expertise - customers may choose the wrong category when selecting an expert (ie: hardware vs software), the best thing you can do is to listen to their problem to see if you can help because it may be more simple than you initially expect (like they need to plug in their dvd player to their TV).

If you can't help, tell them to request another call and make sure it's in the category they need. They may need to click an arrow to expand the category list to request the right expert.

Our customers appreciate honesty and there is a high chance they will be satisfied if you not only try to help, but are honest if there is someone else they can connect to that has more knowledge to address their issue.


  1. Make sure you always get to the bottom of the problem. Ask the right questions and make sure you understand the whole situation before making a recommendation. Not listening and jumping to give an answer may lead a customer to not trust you and leave a poor review.
  2. Follow up on your word - reach back out to the customer when you promise you will. Set a reminder for yourself or go offline until you have called them back. No call back is a common reason we see for poor expert reviews.
  3. Always, always, always help the customer feel they have actionable next steps to resolve their issue, even if that is walking them through how to cancel their membership with 6ya. Make sure you carry the tone of voice that communicates you can help them no matter the issue or if you can’t, you will direct them to someone that can. 


Best Practices for Managing Unacceptable Language from a Customer 

Give a polite warning, then tell them you will need to hang up if they continue.

  • “Sir/M’am I will need to disconnect the call if you continue to swear at me. I honestly want to help, but I need us to be able to talk calmly about what is going on”.

If they continue, you can say:

  • “I warned you about the language. I will need to disconnect the line if it continues and then you will need to call back and connect with another Expert.” 

If they don’t stop, feel free to follow through on your word.

If you can withstand it, listen and let them rant, then when they are done say something similar to:

  •  “So, let’s solve this issue together. I think ______ is the core of the issue. Let’s find a resolution”.


Common Caller Issues (Updated September 2020)


How to deal with confused 6ya callers! 

Goals: Use empathy, validate feelings, and redirect/relieve the anger and frustration


Sometimes we get calls from users thinking we are another company.

This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes this is due to our marketing that states we have Google, Uber, or etc. experts available to help. Other times, employees at companies that lack proper resources will route their customers to us. We don’t want to deceive our customers about who we are or what we are offering. So, If a customer connects with us and is confused about what company we are, the best approach is honesty! 

  • I cannot stress this enough: TONE is EVERYTHING. You can’t just say you want to help, you need to sound like you really mean it. 

Here is how I handle this situation: (these phrases can be switched around depending on how the customer is responding to you) 

(First: if a customer calls thinking we are another company, take that as an opportunity to share the value of what we offer at 6ya: tech support anytime - can call with multiple issues and get follow ups)

Here are some examples of useful things to say: (using a caller for google as an example)  

  • "There must have been some confusion when you were routed to us - I do not work at google, but I am an Expert that helps people with their google products everyday! Google does not offer live support, that’s why I am here to help! Let’s figure this out together. "
  • "I can help you figure out a solution or direct you to where you need to go next to solve your problem. You are not alone in this.... Can you tell me about what is going on?"
  • ?I can tell you are really frustrated and rightfully so, I have been in your shoes before and your situation is not just. Unfortunately, google has no support line for Gmail. It’s incredibly frustrating and honestly not fair to their users, but that’s why 6ya is here, so we can fill in the gap. Some companies' support reps have actually started sending our number to their clients, because they know they can’t help their own customers or users due to lack of resources. We won’t do that. We are going to be honest about what can and cannot be done. For example, if you are locked out of an email and there is truly no way you can get back into it, I will tell you. But, I will also help you explore any creative routes to getting into it or help you set up a new email if need me to. And, if I can’t help, I can get you to another Expert who can… So, tell me a few more details of what is going on…"


How to Handle Requests for Refunds

Goals: Use empathy, validate feelings, give them actionable next steps! 

A great reply sounds like: 

  • “I am so sorry you are going through this; your situation sounds really frustrating. Let’s see if I can help you find a clear path to getting your refund. Even though I don’t have the power to refund you myself, I will direct you on steps you can take to get a hold of the company and get your refund...if it comes to the point you have reached out to the company several times with no reply, then you can open up a dispute with your bank or credit card company in order for them to fight it for you.”

Our goal is to help resolve the issue.

We should not just pass this customer back to the company they can’t get a hold of... If the customer calls us asking for a refund and an Expert just gives them a company’s customer service number, that doesn’t do them much good. Give them several steps to take so they can get what they need. For example, you can suggest creative things like: 

  • “if calling the company has not or doesn’t work... message/call out the company on twitter, message them on instagram, leave a comment on Facebook about the issue - see if the company replies and resolves it there”.  

...And always tell the customer to call us back if they are still having issues… because we will do all we can to creatively find them the help they need. 


For Canceling a Membership with 6YA

I would start by saying,

  • “I would be happy to guide you in how to process that request.  I also wanted to make sure you got the help you need. If someone else was not able to resolve your tech issue… I would like to help. What is great about 6ya is that we are always here to provide immediate help when you encounter any issue. You don’t have to face things alone and I am very sorry if you previously had a poor experience for any reason.” 

If they still want to process a refund or cancel their membership, you can see how to guide them in our FAQ.

Make sure you walk a customer through how to cancel the membership on our site, or simply direct them to email us with their request at support@6ya.com



CONGRATS! You made it to the end! 


If you ever need to reach us for questions, feedback, or praise ;) Email us at:



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