Customer Service Guide - Pt. 4



Pt. 4 - Succeeding as an Expert


Making the Most of your Experience: How to Succeed as an Expert

Time is important to all of us, so we want to help you maximize your time, earning potential, and help you fit the most calls you can into your schedule. 

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Pick up double-pay calls - when a customer calls and their call goes unanswered by their expert, we may route the call to you. If the call is routed to you then you may have the option of accepting it when your are on Do not Disturb for a higher payout. So, accepting this call will lead to you getting more $$$ for less time.
  • Take advantage of our bonuses! - we have ongoing bonuses for experts that excel on the platform. You can see the current list of bonuses here [EXPERT BONUS LIST]
  • A super practical tip is, make time to take quick and back to back calls. The longer you are available, the more calls you can get. 
  •  It’s important to keep the customer on point: drive the call. Don’t let them ramble and don’t be afraid to cut in. Stop them in their tracks and lead them with the right questions. Ask them to dummy it down and get very precise so you can address the core issue. Some people will tell you your life story... but make sure you solve the problem first.
  • Do everything you can to help the customer.
  • Even If you can’t personally process their refund from netflix, you can help them learn how to do it: “I can walk you through what I have done to get a refund”
    ...this will give you good reviews and will end up routing MORE calls to you (which means more money)! 


The following tips come directly from our best and highest earning experts (so I am sure they will serve you well):

  • “Always take time to comfort the customer - lighten the mood, make them laugh, make them smile.” 
  • “Sometimes it’s elderly calling and you know they don’t have anybody to help. So, I’ll sit there and talk to them for a bit. That’s sometimes what they need more than anything and I feel fulfilled knowing that I took care of them on a human level.”
  • “Make a google doc with templates for every call type you get. It will save you time in replying and texting solutions to our customers”


How to Avoid Negative Reviews

  1. “ARE YOU APPLE!?” - Sometimes you will get confused callers that think we are another company. Use your empathy and explain you will do your best to guide and help them with whatever it is they need. Most of the time what a caller needs most is to feel like someone is there to help them! So, if you do that they will be happy at the end of the call.

Sometimes you will get calls outside of your expertise - customers may choose the wrong category when selecting an expert (ie: hardware vs software), the best thing you can do is to listen to their problem to see if you can help because it may be more simple than you initially expect (like they need to plug in their dvd player to their TV).

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