Customer Service Guide - Pt. 3



Pt. 3 - On the Call


How to drive the call: 

  1. Standard Greeting: “Hello, this is {Your Name} with 6YA, an independent customer care service on any brand or device. What can I help you with?”
  2. Listen to the customers issue
  3. Ask clarifying questions to get to the core and fully understand
  4. Offer relief through suggestions. knowledge, recommendations, and emotional support
  5. Standard Closing Statement: "If you need more help with that, or anything else, call us anytime! You can do that at, or by downloading the 6YA app. We're available 24/7."

Most calls will last between 6-15 minutes; however, some calls may require 10 minutes of patient listening and clarifying questions to figure out what the issue actually is! So, please be prepared with patience and an energy of confidence for a variety of challenges.


Pay per call


You will earn $3 for service calls that are over 1 minute and $5 for calls that are over 10 minutes.

>1 = $3

>10 = $5 

Expert earnings are paid out twice per month: on the 1st and on the 16th.

*Please note that calls under a minute will not pay out any earnings


Picking up calls

It’s really important to pick up any calls that come in when you are off “do not disturb” (*make sure you save the 6ya customer number). This is important because we promise our customers immediate help. So, a missed call is a poor experience and a potential lost customer. Missed calls can also hurt your reputation and earning potential. 

Every once in a while you will answer a call and it may not connect. Make sure you report any technical issues to our team so we can troubleshoot with you or send feedback to our tech team. 


"...What if the call is going too long?" 

If the call is going too long, you can offer some actionable steps and a callback! After you end the call, text the customer some recommendations and a link to your call back number. This is a great way to maximize your time and allow space to take more calls while your customer walks through your recommendations on their own.

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