How much will I earn?

Your 6ya earnings will be directly determined by the number of calls you accept.

For Service Calls (Experts Only):

6YA pays a fixed rate for Service Calls that are initiated from 6YA customers using any of our mobile and web applications.

- For service calls less than 1 minute, the Expert will not be paid any fees.

- For service calls longer than 1 minute, the Expert will be paid one of the following flat rates:

Calls under 10 minutes earn $3.00 

Calls over 10 minutes earn $5.00 

From time to time 6YA may change or update these fees at its sole discretion  

For Direct Calls (Creators Only):

As a Creator, you can set your rate for Direct Calls which are initiated from your 6YA Profile as you promote your services. You may change your per-call rate anytime from the Edit profile page. While there is no cost for you to provide paid advice through our platform, 6YA will charge you 10% of all the Direct Calls earnings you generate through this platform.

Direct Calls under 1 minutes are not charged to the customer and therefore do not generate a fee for you.

Payment processing fees:

For every pay cycle in which an Expert is paid his/her earnings, 6YA will deduct payment processing fees as charged by our payment processor ($1.00 for every ACH or PayPal deposit, or $2.00 for every check issued). If you select the check option, please make sure to deposit it prior to the void date located on the check (6ya is not responsible for any banking fees if you deposit a check after its expiration date). If an expert is not issued payment in a given pay period, no fees will be deducted.

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Have more questions? Submit a request
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