Customer Service Guide - Pt. 1



P1 - Introduction


Hello and welcome to your friendly guide on how to be a stellar expert on the 6ya platform! 

(We will keep this page updated on things you need to know, so bookmark this for later! Feel free to scroll through all our articles in the Help Center, or get what you need to be successful in one go here!)


“So…. What is being an Expert at 6ya all about?”


The purpose of 6ya is to provide quick and immediate Expert advice.

Your goal is to assess the problem and guide the caller on the best next steps to take. Always do your best to find a solution and don’t be afraid to use a search engine to do any research you may need to solve a problem or give the best advice for next steps. 

Not all problems can be solved or diagnosed remotely. If at any point you feel an issue isn’t a fit for 6ya, please let the caller know right away.

After that, the first and most important thing to know about being an Expert on 6ya is that this is a customer service role more than anything else. So,  Empathy is everything! 

When our customers call they may be really upset and confused, so the best thing you can do for them is listen, validate their experience, and tell them you are going to help them to the best of your ability. 



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