Expert Code of Conduct

Our Expectations for Conducting yourself as a 6ya Expert




  • Experts must always be polite and courteous while assisting customer.
  • Experts must never use obscenities, racial, or any derogatory or sexual slur.
  • Harassment, bullying, and offensive or derogatory jokes will not be tolerated.


Humans First

  • Listen, empathize, and validate before you offer your solution. 
  • Customer service comes before technical problem solving.



  • Always be honest with the customer. Anytime needed, Experts must clarify to customers that 6YA is an independent service and serves as a one stop shop for help on any brand.
  • Experts must never login using customer credentials to any account or service, including 6YA.
  • Experts must never request or obtain personal or contact information of any customers.
  • Experts should never contact a customer directly, only via 6YA
  • Asking for a review is OK, but Experts will not ask for any tip or a 5 star review



  • Experts may provide customers with information on how to handle billing issues with any service provider or merchant, but never do it on their behalf.
  • If an Expert can’t assist a customer, they should politely notify the customer and end the call prior to the 1 minute mark.
  • Experts shouldn't purchase anything on behalf of the customer (recommending products is OK).
  • Experts will not use any remote/take over software to take over a customer’s device.
  • Experts will politely decline if customer offers the expert their private information.



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