How to Deliver Helpful Advice


  • Listen/Empathize:  Listen to the customer and understand where their frustration comes from.  Figure out what the customers goal is for why they want this problem solved.  Example: I want to figure out my smart tv so I can watch my local news.


  • Listen: Ask clarifying questions to find the root issue:
    • What are you trying to do that you are having trouble with? 
    • Describe any error messages, indicator lights, other information you are seeing.
    • When did this problem start happening?
    • What have you done to try and resolve the problem so far? 
    • Did you change or update anything before this started happening?
    • Did you set up any backups? 
    • Did you try restarting your system? (and was it a hard or soft reset?) 
    • Did you try unplugging it and then plugging it back in? 
    • What device are you using to login on?
    • Can you log into this site/app on a different device? 
    • Can you replicate the issue? 
    • Are there any other pieces of software or hardware that could be causing this issue? (you may ask yourself this and form an appropriate question) 
  • Provide Next Steps: Once you have solidified your answer to the customer, start walking through the steps to the last part, which is testing.


  • Test/Celebrate: Once you have tested your solution and the customer is satisfied, celebrate with them when you have resolved the issue! 
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